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Probetection Adult TEE transducer covers 

REF 1250-01  REF 1250-02 REF 1250-03 REF 1250-04
 REF 1251-01  REF 1251-02  REF 1251-03  REF 1251-04
 REF 1251-05  REF 1251-06  REF 1251-10  REF 1251-11

 ProbetectionPaediatric TEE transducer covers 

REF 1260-01  REF 1260-02

ProbetectionMicromulti TEE transducer covers 

REF 1280-01  REF 1280-02

 Probetectionprobe covers for Gyneacology and urology

REF 1100  REF 1000

Probetection Intra-operative probe covers

REF 1230

Puracloth self-foaming wash cloths

REF 830

 Purawash impregnated wash mitts

REF 630

Purasoft dry wash mitts

REF 621

Puradep alcohol prep tissues

REF 501



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